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Vinia Piceid Resveratrol 60 capsules

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Rapid Absorption Technology We harness the power of Piceid Resveratrol found in the skin of red grapes. We increase it by more than 100 times and combine it with a matrix of other important polyphenols while maintaining its natural structure.

Red Grape Cells Grape cell-derived Piceid Resveratrol sourced with cells harvested from the skin of the red grape and a matrix of polyphenols and bioactive molecules in a natural cell environment.

Maximum Bioavailability Enters the bloodstream in 20 minutes after ingestion. Remains bioactive in your blood plasma for 12 hours.

Double Action Effect As we age, our bodies produce more of the bad stuff [Endothelin-1, ET-1] and reduce the good stuff [Nitric Oxide, NO], causing our arteries and blood vessels to contract and stiffen. VINIA's Double Action Effect results in a decrease of ET-1 and increase of NO, which improves blood flow. This is where the magic happens.

Recommendation For best results, we recommend 90 days based on our clinical studies. You may see benefits in less time.

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