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Upgraded Calcium 8fl oz

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Upgraded Formulas Nano Bonestrong Calcium Supports Healthy Growth of Hair and Skin, Promotes Strong Joints and Bones, Reduces Aches and Pains to Help You Sleep Better At Night...*

Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
99.99% Absorption Rate
Maximum Bioavailability

Unlike most calcium supplements, Upgraded Calcium (formerly Bonestrong) is intentionally designed to help you keep your hair, skin, and nails looking and feeling great while strengthening your joints and bones so you can live life on your terms WITHOUT as many aches and pains...

Upgraded Formulas Upgraded Calcium benefits include: 

  • Better Sleep*
  • Increased Strength*
  • Better Hair, Skin, and Nails*
  • Better Focus*
  • Faster Muscle Recovery*
  • Protein Absorption and Energy*
  • Bone Health and Osteoporosis Support*
  • Higher Melatonin Production For Deep Sleep*
  • Absorption of Calcium, Potassium, and other Minerals*
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • 100% Non-Habit Forming
  • Safe For Daily Use

    Simply put a very large number of people are suffering from poor joint and bone health, which is a significant nutritional concern for health and well-being.

    What are the Signs of Poor Joint and Bone Health?

    Although a balanced diet sometimes supplies all the Boron, Calcium, and Vitamin D a person needs, the majority of Americans have poor joint and bone health. Boron can aid in keeping your bones strong along with possibly improving brain function. Boron is known to play a role in extending the half-life of vitamin D and estrogen.

    Joint and bone supplements may be needed by those who do not have enough of these minerals in their regular diet or have lost too much because of illness or treatment with certain medicines.

    Most common signs of poor joint and bone health:

    • Aches and Pains
    • Poor Posture
    • Weakness and Fatigue
    • Difficulty Sleeping
    • Headaches
    • Muscle Spasms
    • Numbness or Tingling In The Hands And Feet
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