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Upgraded Boron 2fl oz

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Upgraded Boron

Unique Proprietary Absorption Method
99.99% Absorption Rate
Maximum Bioavailability

The micromineral Boron is considered by many to be the best-kept secret in the world of minerals because of the diverse and vitally important roles it plays in hormones, energy and focus. 

Without enough Boron people experience extreme energy crashes combined with a loss of focus, productivity and decreased levels of testosterone too. 

Boron deficiency can contribute to mood swings, low libido, symptoms of depression and a general lack of motivation. 

Crazy to think a lesser known mineral like Boron could contribute to so many different health problems and vital functions in the body.

But, here’s where things get really interesting with Boron: 

Adequate Boron levels boost testosterone production, improve memory and focus while supporting energy levels and reducing fatigue.

On top of all that, Boron helps with reducing inflammation and preventing heavy metal toxicity in the body that can lead to a host of health issues with digestion, cognitive function and sleep.

The fascinating part about Boron is that it doesn’t just play a role in testosterone, but also in how the body uses estrogen and Vitamin D as well. 

Unfortunately, it’s easier than ever to be deficient in Boron because our food is severely depleted in Boron. 

However, the good news is…

At Upgraded Formulas, we have a form of Boron that is 99% - 99.99% absorbable and is the highest quality Boron on the market.

A conventional boron supplement does not absorb well. Upgraded Boron with its Stabilized Nano Mineral Technology has been developed with small and stable Nano particles to provide maximum bioavailability, and improved symptom relief.

    What Are The Common Signs Of A Boron Deficiency?

    • Low libido in men and a general lack of motivation due to lower testosterone.

    • Easily distracted and lacking mental alertness.

    • Not being able to focus and feeling scatterbrained.

    • Bone pain and poor bone health.

    • Having more “grey days” associated with mood issues.

    • Higher levels of inflammation in the body that can lead to pain or irritation.

    • Issues associated with lower levels of magnesium and calcium like muscle cramps, adrenal issues, and nerve and muscle function.

    • Lower Vitamin D levels which are associated with mood, weight loss, muscle building, and overall hormonal health.
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