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Gladden Longevity

H2 Molecular Hydrogen Energy 30ct.

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MEDICAL RESEARCH: H2 is the only supplement shown in studies to reduce the production of COX-2 in the body, the enzyme responsible for inflammation.

RECOVER FASTER: Helps to modulate the immune response that triggers inflammation throughout the body, a major source of pain and aging.

HIGHEST CONCENTRATION of molecular hydrogen available in tablet form. H2Max has developed the strongest and most effective formula that is easy to use in a simple glass of water.

REVIVE YOUR LIFE EFFECTIVE and FAST-ACTING antioxidant properties bring oxidative stress and the redox system back into balance, potentially benefiting every organ and system of the body.

ENERGIZE YOUR LIFE: hydrogen supplements are very effective for boosting energy, protecting muscle, and they also help with fighting free radicals, calming inflammation, and improving metabolism.


Client Testimonial:

"Thank You Very Much! FYI - we have introduced H2 to many of our friends which are now your customers - including our therapeutic masseuse - who now loves it - and I am sure will be recommending it to her customers!! Thanks again."

- D.M.

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