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100 IS THE NEW 30: How Playing the Symphony of Longevity Will Enble Us to Live Young for a Lifetime - Paperback

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What if you knew the secrets to Living Young for a Lifetime™?

A new possibility is emerging. Breakthroughs in cutting-edge longevity, regenerative, and performance science and technology are making it possible to experience vitality, resilience, and the joy of youthfulness for the duration of your lifetime.

We have grown up in a culture that has normalized aging. For generations, we have dreaded and feared growing older and losing our abilities and independence but we saw no other option.

Today we no longer have to give up our capabilities, freedom, autonomy, and relevance with each passing birthday.

Jeffrey Gladden, MD, FACC, a leading longevity trailblazer, challenges everything we thought we knew about aging. In 100 is the New 30, this triple-board certified physician with over four decades of experience unlocks your body’s potential with easy-to-digest applications.

Inside, you will discover:

  • How Changing Your Mindset on Aging and Longevity is essential to Living Young for a Lifetime: You don’t have to settle for losing your impact and performance as part of the way you age.
  • How the Pursuit of Resilience, Joy, and Purpose Replaces the Pursuit of Happiness: Resilience in all areas of life is the best place to create the scaffolding you need to create the life you didn’t think was possible.
  • Why Your Chronological Age Is Not Your Real Age: Your age doesn’t equal your number of birthdays. You’ll come to understand we are all a Mosaic of Biological Ages™, and you are only as young as your oldest age.
  • The Latest Breakthroughs in Regenerative Medicine: Dr. Gladden unlocks the key to youthfulness. by teaching you how to play The Symphony of Longevity™.
  • You’ll understand that Aging Is not a Linear Process but an Exponential One, Requiring an Exponential Strategy if we are going to Live Young. Learn how to create an exponential strategy for an exponential challenge.

Become an Age Hacker™ and experience greater vitality, resilience, and joy—starting today.

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