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100 is the NEW 30

How Playing the Symphony of Longevity Will Enable Us to Live Young for a Lifetime

100 is the New 30” redefines aging with cutting-edge science, offering a roadmap to lasting vitality. Drawing on his extensive medical background, Dr. Gladden challenges the status quo by showcasing how shifts in mindset, pursuit of resilience, and understanding our true biological age can rejuvenate our lives. Through regenerative medicine insights, readers learn to compose a “Symphony of Longevity™” and devise exponential strategies for youthful living. This book empowers readers to become “Age Hackers™,” unlocking a life of boundless energy and joy, while shattering the limitations of traditional aging beliefs.

We’re On A Mission Each Day

To Help You Live Young For A Lifetime

Most practices only focus on one aspect of longevity or the latest trend. We guide you through a holistic and integrative approach tailored to you that amplifies the synergy between health, longevity, and optimal human performance.

Our approach is based on four interdependent circles:





Welcome to Gladden Longevity

We believe that Living Young for a Lifetime is not just a dream — it’s a reality within your reach. Our personalized approach, ground-breaking therapies, and renowned experts are here to guide you on an extraordinary journey towards optimal health, longevity, and performance.



"I've been with Gladden Longevity from the very beginning. My introduction to Dr. Gladden was through the Heart Hospital in Plano where he served as the medical director. As a high-performing athlete in triathlons and competitive running, our relationship has focused on optimizing my athletic performance. Dr. Gladden not only talks the talk but walks the walk daily, bringing a wealth of knowledge to enhance endurance and overall performance. Engaging in extreme sports like backpacking and tracking, similar to Dr. Gladden's pursuits, he has guided my husband and me on supplementation and nutrition strategies to ensure our sustained functionality and endurance for our shared passion of long-lasting adventures."


"I've been with Gladden Longevity for almost four years now, and I can't praise them enough. Their philosophy of pushing the limits resonates with me deeply. Making that decision to join wasn't easy initially, but I realized that for different outcomes, I needed a different approach. The extensive testing they offer provides an unparalleled sense of confidence and answers to questions you'd normally worry about. Personally, my physical capabilities, energy levels, and overall well-being have dramatically improved. At 68, I feel like 18, and the supportive, friendly team at Gladden has played a pivotal role in this transformation. If you're seeking tailored guidance and a remarkable journey towards better health, I wholeheartedly recommend joining Gladden Longevity."


"Before I decided to join, my health was in disarray, and I felt much older than I actually was. Simple tasks felt like a struggle. Determined to turn things around, I invested both time and resources into prioritizing my longevity and overall well-being. Traditional healthcare solutions weren't providing the answers I sought. Taking matters into my own hands, I became my own health advocate, seeking out experts who aligned with my vision. In just nine months with Gladden Longevity, my transformation has been remarkable – weight loss, increased strength and flexibility, enhanced brain health, and an optimistic outlook for a vibrant future. I enthusiastically share my experience with friends, describing Gladden Longevity as a personalized, all-encompassing functional clinic where the spotlight is on me and my aspirations."


"For over five years, I've entrusted my health to the Gladden team. What initially started at my wife's urging has become an essential part of my life. Their unwavering commitment to my well-being, their responsiveness to my concerns, and their personalized approach have been truly transformative. This level of individualized care is what sets them apart – always keeping me in mind, proactively sharing insights, and suggesting adjustments based on my unique needs. For those seeking to enhance their health and embrace a mindset of continuous improvement, joining forces with the Gladden team is an exceptional choice."


“Dr. Gladden and his team have revolutionized how I approach performance optimization. As someone with a business background, I understand the value of precise strategies. What sets them apart is their data-driven approach – crafting a plan, working it diligently, and then retesting for results. This isn't just about investing money, it's about optimizing time, energy, and outcomes. They've not only enhanced my business performance, but also my overall vitality. It's an investment in holistic success”


"Thank You Very Much! FYI - we have introduced H2 to many of our friends which are now your customers - including our therapeutic masseuse - who now loves it - and I am sure will be recommending it to her customers!! Thanks again."

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